Sea Aquarium Indonesia

Sea Aquarium

Sea Aquarium

My final project – architecture studio
School of Architecture, Planning & Policy Development
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the world. 17% of all biological species is grown in Indonesia. Indonesia needs a new tourism destination to increase the amount of international tourist. Through the development of Sea Aquarium, the beauty of Indonesia Water World can be enjoyed by International and local tourist. Sea Aquarium is a place or establishment in which aquatic collection are kept dan exhibited. The other definition of Sea Aquarium is a term to describe a vessel in which aquatic organisms could be kept alive for observation.

Today, Indonesia only has one Sea Aquarium which is called SeaWorld Indonesia, located in Jakarta. SeaWorld Indonesia has been used for 15 years and needs a renovation to increase the capacity of aquarium. So, I took Sea Aquarium Indonesia as my final project. Sea Aquarium Indonesia is a fictitious Redesigning Project of SeaWorld Indonesia. Sea Aquarium Indonesia will be a new SeaWorld Indonesia that designed bigger and more complete than before.

Sea Aquarium

Sea Aquarium is a place for caring and displaying marine biodiversity to visitors. The concept of waves and sailing vessels is used as a visual communication at the Sea Aquarium. In addition, the transformation of waves was chosen as a “dialogue” with the North Sea (Jakarta Bay) and also representing the maritime elements. Plaza on the Sea Aquarium is designed with curved shape (dynamic). Curved shapes created unique atmosphere for visitors. Plaza is designed to bring the colaboration between color and shapes. This colaboration produced a unique spatial experience for visitors to attract SeaAquarium Indonesia. The aquarium is a wet building because most of the contents of the building is water. Therefore, we used concrete K-450 as a Aquarium wall, coated with epoxy sealer with a layer of anti-leak. For the part that is not connected directly to the water, we use other materials such as steel, wood, and membranes. In addition, we used concrete foundations to a depth of 18 meters due to the tread of reclaimed land.

Sea Aquarium

The concept of interior stick to the basic concepts of wave transformation, with a greater emphasis on dynamic aspects as a unity with the building. Interior spaces are designed to produce dynamic shapes and avoid the box forms as a phsycal manifesto of wave transformation. Visitors who came to Sea Aquarium Indonesia is made to follow a monumental scenario ‘sea journey’. The placement of each functions is designed to direct the visitor to follow the ‘sea journey’. First, the visitors will pass Freshwater area, that consist of crocodile and freshwater fish aquarium. Then, the visitor is invited to come in to Ocean Area. The visitor will pass glass undersea tunnel, so they can watch and enjoy the panorama under the sea. The interior of Sea Aquarium Indonesia is made with dark shades and used the aquarium as the source of light. This arose as a response to make the aquarium as a point of interest in this building. So, by using direct light from the aquarium, visitors will move around the aquarium. The wall of the aquarium rockwall intended to create a natural impression.


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  • Hallo kak giri, salam kenal..
    Saya Devina, mahasiswi interior universitas Tarumanagara
    sedang menjalankan proyek tugas akhir, saya sedang kesulitan mencari denah yang sesuai dengan tga saya.
    Saya melihat tga kakak, sesuai dengan tga saya..
    kalau diizinkan boleh meminta denah kakak??
    Ditunggu kabarnya kak..
    Terima kasih banyak

    • Halo Devina,
      Terima kasih sudah mampir. Saran saya, coba mampir ke perpustakaan AR ITB dulu saja.
      Melihat dari situ dulu aja. Cari Tugas Akhir saya mengenai Sea Aquarium Indonesia. Dari situ, semoga bisa membantu.

  • Hi, I’m an architecture student in the philippines, and my thesis is about a sea aquarium too. Can you give me an advice in planning? That would be a great help in my preliminary plans! Thanks! 🙂

  • Hi! I’m currently working on my thesis which happens to be a public Aquarium. I needed some insight on your project.Can i discuss this with you over email?

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