Hyde Park London

This video represents the ideal public space which take Hyde Park London as an example. A good public space should provide 3 values to the society: economic value, social value and environment value. In Indonesian language.

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MBA Spirit!

Never give up. And most importantly, be true to yourself. Write from your heart, in your own voice, and about what you believe in” , Louise Brown.
I dedicate this video for my MBA friends who are currently doing the dissertation at Brunel University .  Hopefully we all are going to pass through this story with happy ending.

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song: The Eye of Tiger by Survivor

Tanah Airku

“Tanah Airku” means Motherland in Indonesian. This song is written by Bu Sud (almh), one of most legendary composers in Indonesia. This song tells about humans’ pride and love of their nation. Wherever people go, they never turn their heart away from their beloved country.

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I dedicate this song for every Indonesian all around the world who live far away from Indonesia and miss our nation. Enjoy!

Ayo Mama

One of my hobbies is playing music. I spend every half an hour everyday for playing guitar. When I was in Indonesia, I used to play bass guitar for a jazz band. For me, when you play music, you actually metamorphose your emotion into music. You translate how you feel into what you play. It could help you ease anger, stressful mind and another inconvenience feeling.
Below is one of performance in playing acoustic guitar. Hopefully it could entertain you. The song called “Ayo Mama” – an Indonesian folk song. I did some improvements for the song, especially use jazz chord as song’s rhythm.

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