Together with my friends, we created an e-magazine about architecture called “ruang”. In indonesian, ruang means space.  We chose ruang due to it’s flexible definition depending on the circumstances. A space will be meaningful if it is filled by something meaningful also. We hope our e-magazine ruang is going to be as flexible as space. Until now, the magazine is still in Indonesian language. Hope the English version will be released someday. More info, please click (in indonesian). Enjoy!

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3 Responses

  1. Halo Mas Roby,
    Silakan membaca kembali artikel saya. Disitu sudah ada tips-tips untuk mengetahui job scam atau tidak. Mohon dilakukan tips-tipsnya.
    Terima kasih.

  2. Dear Mas Giri,
    saya minta bantuan infonya biaya hidup di sekitar Easington Gas Terminal, Dimlington RD dan sekitarnya.
    terima kasih,

    1. Halo Jumadi,
      Saya tidak tahu harga di sekitar Easington Gas Terminal. Tapi besar kemungkinan lebih murah daripada di London.
      Maaf tidak membantu.

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