warung buncit house

this private house is my first original built design. this house is located on warung buncit, jakarta indonesia. in the land area of 252 m2,  this house has 2 floors with total area of building is 380 m2. this house was designed by using the tropical minimalist style, represented by a large window , big family room, high ceiling room, fish pool, and the minimalist garden.

this house accommodates a big family consisting of parents and 5 older children. on the back of house, i designed tropical gardens using batam minimalist stones, iris sp, plumeria trees, and planted with mini elephant grass. minimalist garden designed to create the overall design concept of the house.

this house has a spacious living room, 5 bedrooms with bathroom, reading room, and 2nd floor family room. despite having 5 bedrooms, living room was designed to be large and big in order to accommodate needs  for family gathering. local materials such as Palimanan stone and batam stone used to highlight aspects of tropical and keep up the values of locality. the Lighting on this house are not all using the direct light. there are several rooms that use indirect light to create a romantic feel. the windows are designed to have a minimum 2% of total wall area and have flexibility to be opened for distributing air circulation flow in the morning and evening.


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