Goal of Life

Setting a goal is quite useful for people who desire pursuing a word ‘success’. You can call it a success when you have achieved your dreams well. You may measure the level of  success by comparing between what you’ve planned before the process and the result after it. How many your initial plans ended with realization. By formulating big picture from the beginning, you could pay attention only to the things that will give added value and significant influence in achieving your dreams.

When we intend to construct a goal, make sure we make it SMART. Smart could be intelligent or bright. But the word ‘Smart’ here stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Some people make it complicated by transforming it into SMART – PURE – CLEAR (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-based – Positively Stated, Understood, Relevant, Ethical – Challenging, Legal, Environmentally Sound, Agreed, Recorded). If you fell it’s too long, just remember the rule KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid! You might focus only at the SMART rule. But, if you like the complicated one and are challenged by it, hence concentrate to the SMART – PURE – CLEAR rule. Some people like to start from designing the long-term plan and then divide it into smaller pieces called short-term plan. Some like formulating the short-term plan first and then combine all small puzzles into one. I prefer the first one which starts from the long-term plan.

I start imagining what my final destination look like. It could be a dream or vision. Called dream when you have no intention to realize it and just let it stay on your mind. It is called vision when you have courage to make it comes true. To make my life more challenging, I decide to design my life’s plan.  It sounds like bullshit, but at least I am trying to plan a utopia of my final destination. This is what I am dreaming now. Just like what John Lennon sing, You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

As depicted on picture above, my final ambition is being an Ambassador of The Republic of Indonesia in one European Country. According to the SMART rule, is it Specific? Yes, it is  although not perfectly specific stating which country I want to live. Nowadays there are 27 countries in European Union, but because I have no idea which country is the most convenient to live, I decided not to put an exact country. It will be flexible depending on the circumstance. Is it Measurable? Yes, it is. Ambassador is an ambassador. No doubt how to measure the success of achieving position of ambassador. Is it achievable? Yes, it is. As long as I’m still Indonesian citizen and have courage to achieve it, it will be happen. Is it realistic? 50:50. If I start networking with the right people, adapting and entering upon the politics environment, and lobbying the parties in power; Yes it is realistic. And the last, is it Time-based? Yes, it is. I put specific year for every position I look for, for instance 2029 being a member of DPR, and 2039 being an ambassador. See, the SMART rule applies smoothly in my life’s goal. 

Once you have a goal, share it to your friends or colleagues. By sharing your dream, you have someone who could remind and warn you if you have deviated far away from the initial plan. Your friends could be mental boosters when you’re feeling down, gloomy and pessimistic. That’s what friends are for. Your friend also could be a guide for you achieving your target and give advice or constructive criticisms in order to refine your ambition. By sharing your vision, you spread the spirit of success and influence as well as inspire some people to be better man. Never shy to be an ambitious person.

What I said about my goal is what I am thinking exactly right now. It could be changed at any time. Once I changed it, I will let you know through another article. The point of this article is how to make a plan and ensuring the SMART rule applies. Remember, when you know where your final destination is, You will walk efficiently and effectively toward that point. and also, Be Flexible and Adapt!

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