Travel Sickness

Travel Sickness .
I have a sickness that I really hate. I have been suffering since I was a little boy. Basically it’s not a dangerous disease but for me it’s highly super annoying. Fortunately it doesn’t happen often, it happens conditionally only when I encounter turbulence or significant dart during a journey by road, sea or air. Yap, this disease is called travel sickness, also known as motion sickness.

From what I’ve read, it is caused by a clash in my balance neural. The neutron transmission toward my brain from what I see is not synchronous with what I feel through my inner ears (balance system). Let’s say I’m experiencing a great turbulence during a travelling by plane, my eyes are feeling the movement but my inner ears aren’t sensing the movement. This conflict causes balance disturbance in my head that forces my body to dispose a ‘suspected poison’ that we know as vomit. This is unavoidable!

When I was a kid, my mother always put small thing like transparent stickers behind my ears, one in the left and one in the right before I had travelling. Actually it was anti-sickness medicine. My mother said it could reduce my travel sickness. I believe it had something to do with the neutron transmission between my ears and brain. Sometimes it worked, sometimes didn’t. Thanks to Vomit Bag for being my loyal friend when having a travelling during my childhood. Among my brothers, sadly only me who have this ‘heritage’. My father always suggested me to think about beautiful or happy moments in my life during travelling to avoid the travel sickness. He advised me for not feeling worried.

travel sickness

Now, I get older. The question, does it still threaten my travelling? The answer, yes it does. I used to take tube going to my university. During one hour trip from my house to the university, I had no opportunity to spend time for reading a book or even a newspaper. I did it several times and it always caused dizziness and nausea, luckily not vomiting, and it was not good because I needed fresh stamina to start my day in the morning. Indeed, my ability to prevent the travel sickness is getting stronger compared to when I was a kid, but I admit I still suffer this travel sickness. I really don’t like this disease. I can’t spent ‘waiting time’ in plane, car, or ship by reading a book or using laptop. For me, it is absolutely a big loss. From Indonesia to UK, it takes 18 hours. If I could read a book during that time, likely every one-way journey from Indonesia to UK I can finish reading one book.

I don’t know whether travel sickness could be healed permanently or not. But to reduce the chance of having travel sickness, I have advices:
– Don’t try to have heavy meals before travelling
– Always prepare ginger or mint candy in your pocket
– Sometimes Coke could help. Drink a little
– Peace your mind by listening music or sleep
I always implement those steps. It could help me preventing from travel sickness. Still, I certainly have no possibility to enjoy reading a book during travelling. It’s sad, but at least my vulnerability to travel sickness has been reduced. According to study by NHS, 3 out of 10 people may have motion sickness regularly on journeys by road, sea or air. So, don’t worry be happy. Enjoy your day!

Travel Sickness

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  1. I think you also have a ‘tornado’ sickness. You know… that kind of sickness you got when you rode Tornado, one of wahana in Dufan, Jakarta few years ago. God! you have such a gut to tried it, considering you have been aware of your motion sickness since you were a kid. 😀

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